Sharron Palmer-Hunt

Instructor Profile ([email protected])

I live on Gabriola Island in British Columbia and I have being doing wildlife photography for about 10 years. I have a small business where I work on other photography projects including weddings, and portraiture but my main passion is wildlife. I am a director and wildlife rescue worker for our local animal rescue society and I believe in treating animals with respect. I do not use baiting or flash when I take photos of wildlife. I have a private Facebook group, Wildlife of the Pacific Northwest, which was established for the purpose of showing that this unique area is abundant with great wildlife opportunities.

I am the president of our local photography club and I have 2 to 3 exhibitions a year on the island. I am a district representative for the Canadian Association of Photographic Art. I completed a photo journalistic course in Costa Rica with Photography Without Borders. I have published 2 books, one on "Raptors and Other Birds" and one on "The Untamed Northwest". I was pleasantly surprised recently to win a first place national merit award in the bird/animal themed section from the Canadian Association of Photographic Art.